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Turn your ideas into

major innovations.

Beink libère votre créativité et donne vie à vos idées les plus audacieuses, avec aisance et précision, pour vous offrir l'expérience unique de vous faire comprendre instantanément.

They trust us.

Our Services


Beink Agency

Tailor-made and high-end visuals to eloquently convey the value of your work and innovations.


Beink Dream

Visual and collaborative software, combining AI and cognition, to accelerate the birth of groundbreaking innovations

Beink is a unique blend of art, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience to amplify your creativity.

Beink envisions a more innovative world.

In the age of rapid globalization, it's now up to you to choose how you want to elevate your visuals with us:

What is Beink?

A graphical tool created by scientists for scientists.

Beink is a simple and effective tool allowing scientists to illustrate their research themselves, using drawing no longer as a more or less decorative medium but as a real communication tool. Drawing is a powerful tool which allows those who manipulate it to direct the eyes of their listeners and therefore to accompany them in their paths of thought. But his major contribution is not limited to visual communication to an audience, because drawing also helps conceptualize and give shape to ideas. Beink gives unlimited access to multiple banks of drawings customizable to the particular graphic universe. Beink is also a communication platform between scientists through images: each image you create can be shared with other users, thus initiating exchanges and meetings around common subjects.


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