When Art speaks to reason and Science to emotion

I was born into a family of artists, and I studied science while pursuing a serious practice of drawing. In addition to my years of scientific studies, I had the opportunity to work on several projects combining art and science. Today, I work as closely as possible with researchers, being myself in a doctoral thesis, I see daily how much access to easy-to-use graphical tools is lacking. Such a tool would relieve the time spent creating scientific images and would enhance the value of research work, too often damaged by uninteresting graphic choices. At the same time, I continued to amass large quantities of drawings created for my personal use and which did not benefit anyone else. So I started to imagine a tool allowing me to share my drawings to allow everyone to use them.
It was then that I embarked on the creation of Beink.


Birth of a project ...

Passion for Science born of Art

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Jeanine Harb

CTO & co-founder


Jeanne Le Peillet

CEO & co-founder


Aliete Afonso Genero

Community manager


Olga Markova

Science-art committee

Why does Beink have to exist?

“I waste a lot of time creating my scientific visuals, the tools that exist are either incomplete or too complicated to use. "

Thierry, engineer at Sorbonne University

On parle de nous...

En parallèle de son projet doctoral en génétique biomoléculaire, Jeanne Le Peillet passionnée de dessin et d’art a créé sa startup Beink. Découverte d’une doctorante rêvant d’être spécialiste en tout et dont le modèle est Léonard de Vinci.


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