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When Art speaks to reason and Science to emotion

I was born into a family of artists, and I studied science while pursuing a serious practice of drawing. In addition to my years of scientific studies, I had the opportunity to work on several projects combining art and science. Today, I work as closely as possible with researchers, being myself in a doctoral thesis, I see daily how much access to easy-to-use graphical tools is lacking. Such a tool would relieve the time spent creating scientific images and would enhance the value of research work, too often damaged by uninteresting graphic choices. At the same time, I continued to amass large quantities of drawings created for my personal use and which did not benefit anyone else. So I started to imagine a tool allowing me to share my drawings to allow everyone to use them.
It was then that I embarked on the creation of Beink.


Birth of a project ...

Passion for Science born of Art

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Une équipe inspirée

Epaulée par un comité d'une vingtaine d'experts


Le Peillet

CEO & Fondatrice de Beink

Co-fondatrice de Beink Dream, l'IA de Beink

Artiste, Ingénieure et Docteure en génétique et biotechnologies.




Experte en Machine Learning et Gestion de Données




Artiste Scientifique


Docteure en Physique et Diplômée des Beaux-Arts



et ses 4 associés, Zoldic, Achileas, Ange et Kanako

Co-fondateurs de Beink Dream, Experts en Cognitive Design




Designer Artistique en Visuels scientifiques


Why does Beink have to exist?

“I waste a lot of time creating my scientific visuals, the tools that exist are either incomplete or too complicated to use. "

Thierry, engineer at Sorbonne University

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