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How to remove the background from an image in 2 min?

Here you will learn different ways to remove the background from an image, whether you use Power Point, Photoshop, or free Photoshop alternatives (Gimp, Krita, ...).

We will see different ways to remove the background from an image, first in Power Point, then in Photoshop, and finally we will present two free alternatives to Photoshop: Krita and Gimp. The choice of method will depend on the rendering requirement you desire. Do not hesitate to click on the images to enlarge them!

All the demonstrations below have been made on one of Diana Flores Blazquez's splendid drawings. Discover more of his creations on this blog !

1) Power Point : practical but unsatisfactory

Power Point's background removal tool has the merit of being very convenient and quick to use. We import an image into our presentation, we want to remove the background, and in two clicks it's settled. But we should not be very careful about the result: the outlines are lacking in cleanliness and the fine areas of our images are generally removed. On the other hand, the images thus modified can be used directly within Power Point presentations, but cannot be saved without a background and exported for use elsewhere, in particular because the slide backgrounds are not transparent.

Import your image, select it by clicking on it, and go to the "Format" menu located at the top of the window.

Then click on "Remove background" (top left). The pink areas will be those that will be deleted once you have validated the selection by clicking on "Keep changes". If you wish to modify this selection, use the "Mark areas to keep" or "to delete" buttons and redraw some of the desired areas.